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Tech for Diabetics

9 minute read

As a diabetic there are a number of things we are not able to control but one thing we can do is keep tabs on our data

Converting AAX (Audible) to mp3

2 minute read

Lately I have been a bit frustrated because while I subscribe to Audible services, Amazon and Google do not play nice with each other limiting me - the owner...

Metabase - A BI solution that just works

5 minute read

I like exploring new solutions and anything to do with data always piques my interest. I came across this nice tool through the list of free self hosted soft...

Home Networking

6 minute read

Network routing Router - Router is the device at home that connects all devices in your house to the internet. It does so by assigning IP address to each o...

Ghost Upgrade errors and fixes (1.19.x)

1 minute read

I have found the recent ghost upgrades quite painless but there have been few hiccups for last two times so I kept a record of what helped and it is as liste...

Unprotect Sheets in Libre Calc, Excel

less than 1 minute read

A friend of mine today had an issue. He had created a template for some really complex calculations and to ensure he does not mess up with the forumlae by mi...

Markdown and Gantt Charts

6 minute read

For a fairly long time, I have been looking for a simple markdown type of solution to be able to quickly draw Gantt charts but never came across what one wou...

DD-WRT firmware on TP-LINK TL-WR841N v11

5 minute read

I have been with PlusNet for over two years now and am a happy camper as far as fiber optic broadband is concerned but as I am no longer on a broadband contr...

Swap File to create extra memory

1 minute read

While renewing my LetsEncrypt certificate, I found myself in a strange situation where the certbot won’t run asking me to update pip and then each time I tri...

Note 7 to OnePlus 3

2 minute read

I was a super excited owner of Note 7 in September this year and then in few days the happiness started disappearing as the news of exploding Note 7 started ...

Grav - CMS with a difference

2 minute read

While I love Ghost as a blogging platform, it is not best placed for things other than blogs - after all that is the basic idea behind creation of this wonde...

Windows 10 - a bucket load of pain

2 minute read

As Windows 10 is a commercial offering, one would think it will be working as expected and it does so long as like me one has come to expect pain from Mic...


1 minute read

Ethercalc is good tool which can be selfhosted. It is fairly simple to do so. Though it will be available for anyone who has the URL because there is no inbu...

Update Ghost on Fedora

1 minute read

While the guidance on Ghost website is very clear, I did get issues that required steps in troubleshooting. Something to do with lodash and npm version 2 stu...

Ghost on Fedora 24

4 minute read

To install Ghost as my blogging platform, I had to go through a number of hoops and one of them was to get the nodejs working and what not. I figured this mi...


2 minute read

There are technologies that I can use in my personal life, that I am proud of and those that I play around with but reality is that as a Senior Project Manag...

Arch Linux - nearly a year on….

6 minute read

I have been dwelling in the world of Arch Linux for just under a year now and must admit the experience is nothing less than liberating. Granted that the bar...

Linux Mint on Android through VNC and Jump

5 minute read

Today “Jump” was available for free on Amazon as the app of the day and since it’s nearly 7 quids on google play store, I downloaded. For windows and Mac use...

Conky on my desktop - step by step

3 minute read

My new friend Damjan recently mentioned that he liked the Conky on my desktop and asked for details as have few others so I figured a post on the topic will...

Top 10 Android Apps that I use !!!!

5 minute read

I have been using Android Phones and Tablets for quite some time now and have monitored my use for apps that I use on a daily basis and those I would not eve...

Exchange 2007 on Thunderbird using DAVMail

3 minute read

The start of this week was like a nightmare for me. Whole family was down with flu and I had the fever that is probably the highest ever of my entire life at...

StageVu / DivX video on Bodhi Linux

1 minute read

If you read my last post you will know I have been playing with Bodhi Linux lately. One of the selling point for this distro is it’s minimalistic approach. H...

OpenVPN on Linux Mint to access US sites

3 minute read


How to edit PDF in Linux - The easy way.

5 minute read

Recently someone asked this question to me and after some search on Google I came across mentions of PDFedit, Scribus, flpsed, Gimp, PDFMod and even the open...


1 minute read

Every now and then we come across something that has a strong potential, something that is a great phenomenon in making and Glympse to me is that idea.

MMC Convert media files on Linux

1 minute read

I have been using Mobile Media Converter for almost a year now and it is such a great tool. I think it is a must have at-least on Linux. It not only converts...

Time for a bit of show-off

1 minute read

Hey Hey I made an Android app named “Sai Satcharitra”. It’s a very basic app and all it does is helps people read Sai Satcharitra on their Android Smartphone...

Configure BlogTK 1.0 for blogger

1 minute read

Right so I am happy with Blogilo, then why BlogTK? It so happened that I was trying to edit my last post and for some unknown reason I was getting error in u...

KUBUNTU Blog Entry

5 minute read

This is how my love for Kubuntu has started….and growing by the minute… I was experimenting with different Linux distros and then I went ahead with Linux Min...

Sony VAIO FE21H Webcam on skype

1 minute read

Alright friends not a huge tip but still I, being new fan of Ubuntu, installed it on my media laptop…Sony VAIO… one might ask what is media laptop…well I had...

Get Gmail as Push Email on Sony P990i

2 minute read

While I have moved on from P990i which is now in safe hands of my dear wife, I remember doing some good amount of web searching and still had no idea how to ...