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Part 2 - Configure Epson S515W on Linux Mint / Ubuntu 10.04

Ankit Mittal

While the majority of settings are covered in my previous post here I found that each time I switched off my printer, it used to change it's IP address and I had to repeat Steps 7 to 16 each time. My printing and scanning needs are pretty limited so I never bothered working out a solution until today and knowing what I now know, it was quite a simple and quick solution I should have done this on the first place. Anyway as they say better late than never. :)

So to carry out the magical transformation to your printing experience follow the steps below:

  1. On your printer (actual machine not on laptop / computer) go to Settings (Press the button with Wrench and Screwdriver symbol as shown in picture).
    Alt Text

If you are to now switch off and switch on the printer and test scan it should work without any issues.

Hope you find this useful.