Note 7 to OnePlus 3

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I was a super excited owner of Note 7 in September this year and then in few days the happiness started disappearing as the news of exploding Note 7 started appearing all over the internet.

Then came the notice to exchange the Note 7 which I dutifully did and assured that nothing will now go wrong I started enjoying that gem of a device. Alas, it was not to be and the device was recalled for good. Being a user of Note devices for so long and yet unable to continue with my old Note 3, I decided to go for some interim device - you know until Samsung decides to get the act right and bring the next Note device to the market.

After going through a number of possible options ranging from Note 7’s close cousin Galaxy S7 edge+ all the way to newly released Pixel, I actually settled for OnePlus 3. It was not a gamble actually as my wife is already using it and is quite pleased with it’s performance and the price is just right for this to qualify as the interim phone.

Anyway, so I ordered and waited because there was a good 4 week wait period. The ordering and delivery all went as planned while in the meantime I was back with my trusty Note 3.

OnePlus 3 arrived and I set it up to my taste and my oh my what an experience. Apart from Stylus it was lacking nothing and is very smooth, very light and camera quality is very good as well - not as good as Note 7 but definitely better than Note 3. I have now been with this device for just over a week and although I miss the S-Pen, I am very happy with the device in general and it’s battery life in particular.

I have listed below the things that I like and the things I hope it had:

Features I Loved:

  1. Battery life
  2. Superfast Charging with Dash Charger
  3. Display and inbuilt Night mode
  4. Ringer Switch
  5. Inbuilt Colour control for LED Notification
  6. Smooth minimal interface
  7. No bloatware
  8. Fingerprint Scanner doubles as Home button
  9. Gesture support for flash light
  10. Ability to swap Capacitive button functionality
  11. Dual Sim Card capability - Allows me to carry one phone for both work and personal numbers.

Sure all of the above can be pretty similar on all high end handsets but what makes it unique for OnePlus 3 is the price point of £329. That price is unbeatable and the phone, in my humble opinion, must be the first choice for anyone who isn’t fussed about a stylus.

There can be a comparison between camera results where Samsung outperforms in my experience but only slightly and still the photo quality from OnePlus 3 is definitely very good second only to Samsung and no other.


  1. Functional Stylus (Frankly no other manufacturer is tapping on this market. God knows why?)
  2. Note 7 had a good integration of Fingerprint Scanner with browser to login to various sites. I miss that on OnePlus 3.
  3. External Memory Card slot.

Here’s hoping that OnePlus 3 team will listen to my wishlist :).


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