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Every now and then we come across something that has a strong potential, something that is a great phenomenon in making and Glympse to me is that idea.

The simple to use and highly effective application available on android market for free that allows you to share your position during the travel in real time.

While it’s moderately useful for long journeys as was evident on my holiday travel this weekend when my host was able to monitor my progress to their house 250+ miles away, I think this application can find great and effective use in postal and transportation sector.

It not only allows you to share your journey but also shows you when was your progress last viewed and who is viewing it right now.I provides you the control on who can have access to this real time view and for how long. You provide a time-frame for which you would prefer this monitoring to be available and then allows you to add more time in 15 minutes intervals. It integrates with phone contacts and has a very slick GUI.

All in all very impressed with this application and the fact that it’s available for free is the icing on cake.

If you have an android phone, do lot of travelling and need to keep calling for your whereabouts, guess this application can save you on unnecessary calls while letting you concentrate on your journey. Highly recommended application.


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