Get Gmail as Push Email on Sony P990i

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While I have moved on from P990i which is now in safe hands of my dear wife, I remember doing some good amount of web searching and still had no idea how to set up push-mail on P990i. I then thought I will configure a mail anyway and to my surprise the device is capable of enabling push-mail on it’s own as I found while fiddling along. Anyway I have configured push-mail for wifey dear and she was mighty impressed…:-) The steps I followed are as below:

  • Main Menu -> Tools -> Control Panel -> Messaging -> Email Accounts -> New
  • Fill Account Name as Gmail
  • Your Name as ..well... your name..:)
  • Email Address - Your gmail address
  • In Connection Type select IMAP from the drop down list.
  • Tick on Push email
  • Now goto "Inbox" Tab.
  • Type under "Incoming Server Address"
  • Type your email address "" under "Username"
  • Enter your "password" under "Password"
  • Depending on you data plan you might want to put something else but I have unlimited internet plan so I have selected "No Restriction" under "Download Restrictions"
  • Limit number of Emails - I have selected 100, you can chose as per your needs.
  • Receive using Group - Select the group of internet account that has your phone provider configured. (I am assuming that you have already configured internet settings on your phone. If not that is a separate topic but you can easily find information on user manual so at the moment let's consider it as out of scope for this entry.)
  • Now goto "Outbox" Tab.
  • Type "" under "Outgoing Server Address"
  • Tick the checkbox "Use SMTP Authentication"
  • Tick the checkbox "Use Inbox Login details"
  • Select the same internet group as above under "Send using Group"
  • Now click on the arrow next to "Email account" on top of the screen and click on "Advanced" from the dropdown list
  • Under "Incoming" tab Select "SSL" under the field "Secure connection"
  • Type "993" under field "Incoming mail port"
  • Next in "Outgoing" tab under "Secure Connection" filed select "TLS"
  • Type "587" under field "Outgoing mail port"
  • Tick the checkbox "Use MIME encoding"
  • Click on "Save"
  • Click on "Save" again
  • Now the screen will show Gmail listed as your email account.
  • On this screen again click on the arrow next to Email account on top of the screen and select "Always on Pushmail".
  • Tick the checkbox next to "Always On"
  • Select the timings and select the phone providers datasetting name under "Internet Account" and click "Save".

This is it. You are now all set to receive your mails on the go… Have fun !!!


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