Configure BlogTK 1.0 for blogger

1 minute read

Right so I am happy with Blogilo, then why BlogTK? It so happened that I was trying to edit my last post and for some unknown reason I was getting error in updating through Blogilo. I was not able to update through Blogilo and I think it is because of the snapshots included in the post. Anyhoo…so I installed BlogTK and after entering the details I found it not connecting so I opened the gnome-blog and then when I was configuring its preference I saw the default entry in the field XML/RPC URL - I opened BlogTK, Edit -> Accounts and Settings and then in Server URL entered - Next entered username and password fields. Clicked Save and then OK. Now on main window File-> Connect and it showed the message connected to server at
I was then able to edit the post however the Edit post etc were not all that great and meanwhile I found that Blogilo is working fine so am back to Blogilo. Not a huge tip and am sure many might already know but it took me a while to work out the working configuration. However, if someone knows better way to connect, please do let me know as BlogTK sure wasn’t living up to the name and fame it has with this way of configuration so maybe there is a better way to do it.


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