Call US and several other countries free using Android

1 minute read

That’s right…with smartphones all that was possible using computers is increasingly becoming feasible through phones. I just now configured my Nexus S to make free phone calls over internet to USA. How you ask? Well here we go: The site offering free calls to USA landlines and mobiles is so I registered an account with this site. Now Android 2.3 has inbuilt SIP support so I directly configured instead of downloading any app from market but it can be as easily done using sipdroid or csipsimple but anyway since there is good dialer integration I opted for direct route.

  1. Goto Settings -> Call Settings and under Internet Call Settings click on "Accounts".
  2. Untick receive calls.
  3. Click on Add Account.
  4. Now in username enter the username with which you have registered on voipstunt website.
  5. Enter the password used for voipstunt account in password field.
  6. Enter in server.
  7. Untick the "Set as primary account" field.
  8. Press back button till you are back to call settings. Now under Internet Call Settings click on "Use Internet Calling" and select "Ask Each Time".

This is it. All done. Try calling landline or mobile number of your US contact and before placing the call your phone will ask whether to place call over internet or cellular network. Choose internet and you are off to free calls.


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